• Cyber Monday Sales

    Hi guys! As your getting home from work and winding down for the night, I thought i’d share with you some of my favorite cyber Monday deals that are going on today. Since shopping is my favorite activity, i’ve been scouring the web all day long to bring you guys the best deals I could find. Below, i’ve listed everything by category (+ the promo codes), hoping that it might make it a little easier if you’re looking to buy something specific. This list holds many of my very favorite products that i’ve loved the past few seasons at crazy good price points (aka this J. crew parka, and these over the knee boots) so they’re worth picking up today!

    To shop: simply click the image you are looking to buy, and it will take you right over to that site to buy it. Make sure to add in any extra coupon codes at checkout! (Check my list at the bottom of this post). We don’t want to miss out on any savings hahah. Since this is the absolute best day of the year to online shop, make sure you treat yoself & grab some Christmas presents as well!



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  • Easy Plant Based Meal Prep (without spending a ton of $)


    For a long time now, i’ve been getting direct messages on instagram as well as questions in my personal life about simple plant based meals for the work week. Truthfully, ever since I’ve switched to a plant based diet, I’ve found that meal prepping is way less expensive and takes a lot less time. Even if you’re not vegan and don’t care about health food, these meals take less than an hour to whip up for the week, are super nutrient dense, crazy cheap, and wildly delicious.

    Everything you find in the recipes below can be purchased at your local grocery store, and are products that you’re probably already familiar with. Without further adieu, I give you: the easiest, most delicious vegan meal prep of all time. Pro tip: make sure you scroll to the end of this post to grab a printable grocery list that will make your shopping trip a breeze.

    vegan-meal-prep-2 (more…)

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  • Floral Embroidered Vintage A-Line Dress


    Since October has finally rolled around, i’ve decided to welcome fall with open arms. With one walk outside in the chilly breeze, I feel ready to carve a pumpkin, drink some cider, go to a haunted house, roast a marshmallow, and enjoy all that this season has to offer. I’ve also been shopping like a mad woman stocking up on chunky sweaters (you guys need this one), comfortable leggings, skirts, and of course, long sleeve dresses. (more…)

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  • Simple Athleisure Outfit for Fall


    Whether you like it or not, Athleisure is everywhere these days. As a blend of put-together, business, and casual, athleisure is something that people are drawn to. While materials like spandex and lycra didn’t used to be seen as anything other than activewear, now more than ever every type of brand is churning out clothing in these fabrics. This adidas dress above is the perfect example. While Adidas was once a brand entirely meant for activewear, today they incredibly popular for producing streetwear and casual wear.

    Honestly, no matter where you look, every brand is trying to jump on the athleisure train in one way or another. With athletic sales up 12% in the past year, athleisure looks like it’s here to stay (and I love it).


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Sincerely Katerina

Sincerely Katerina