• Healthy Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread


    Oh, Healthy Chocolate Pumpkin Bread, where do we even begin? Let’s start from the beginning:

    When I was in high school I distinctly remember saying to my mom “I’d rather workout twice a day than have to eat healthy”. What?? Who was I? While I was always athletic and did every sport under the sun, I remember not knowing anything about health food – at all. I fell into the trap that a lot of people do, thinking that all you could eat were chicken and broccoli to see results. Oh how the tables have turned.

    Growth is a really interesting thing. Often times, you don’t notice yourself growing and changing, you only start to see it when you look back on how things used to be. See, at that point in my life, I didn’t know that things like this existed. I didn’t know that I could eat Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread for breakfast and still be included in the #FitFam. I didn’t know that healthy vegan bread was even a thing. With a couple of substitutes from your regular Pumpkin Bread recipe, this bread becomes a nutritious, delicious, and easy way to get in your daily servings of whole grains all while eating a delectable treat. If I did know, my passion for healthy & *delicious* food would have started years earlier. (more…)

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  • 2018 Goals + a look back at 2017

    Oh 2017, what a year it has been. While I’ve never been huge on New Year’s or resolutions, I do love how each new year comes with countless opportunities to better yourself and chase your dreams. Today, in the effort to get to you know guys a little better, I wanted to share some of my 2017 highlights and goals for the new year.

    Let’s run through a few of the bigger things that happened in 2017:

    • Became my own boss: This year, I took the leap to start working for myself and building my own buizzz. I now work as a freelancer, influencer, photographer, and social media manager. I absolutely love getting to dictate my own schedule and plan out my destiny. While some days I feel stressed/nervous for the future not having a typical corporate job, other days I feel really thankful and proud. It feels really good being in control of my life and working towards my dreams, not someone else’s.
    • Worked with some of my dream brands: Through my blog and Instagram @katerinaseigel, I was lucky enough to work with some of my dream brands that I’ve loved for years. Some include Ralph Lauren, Amazon Fashion, Uniqlo USA – crazy exciting!! Honestly, I have you guys to thank. Without you guys reading my posts on here, following me along on Instagram, and being so supportive, I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of what I do. I absolutely adore having an online fam, I want to be all of your best friends IRL. <3
    • Vacations, Trips, plenty of nights out in the city: This year, I was lucky enough to go on vacation with my very best friends to Ocean City Maryland (so fun if you’re on the East Coast), take a ton of day trips to New York, and have a lot of fun nights out in Philly. While these all seem like little things at the time, when you look back on your year you always seem to remember each & every moment because they were so fun.


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  • Last Minute Amazon Prime Gift Guide


    Calling all of my last minute shoppers – this one’s for you. Being a procrastinator myself, I can totally relate to the overwhelming feeling that the holidays bring when you know you haven’t shopped for your gifts yet. As the big day approaches closer, the nervousness begins to set in & you start to curse yourself for not getting your gifts earlier. Trust me – we’ve all been there (more than once).

    Fear not my fellow last minute friends, I have a solution that will get you your gifts in time for Christmas without any hassle at all. Below, I’ve put together a small yet refined list of gifts that will satisfy everyone on your list. From trendy pieces that are right on the mark, to classic pieces that your loved ones will wear for years to come – this list has you covered. (more…)

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  • Easy Vegan Sugar Cookies


    Hi guys! Since Christmas is right around the corner and cookie parties are in full swing, I decided to share my favorite Easy Vegan Sugar Cookies. These cookies are LEGIT – just ask my sweets-obsessed mom who inhaled 4 in about 1 minute. They are chewy, soft, and sweet enough to cure any bad day. If you want a foolproof plan, double the recipe to make one batch for yourself and another for your fam.

    All of the ingredients included in this recipe can be found in any grocery store, and the entire recipe process from start to finish will land you at about 30 minutes. As somebody who cooks all day and loves to make new things, I hate complicated recipes. While I understand that sometimes it’s a necessity, most of the time things can be made simpler. When creating this recipe, I knew I wanted it to be super easy and hassle-free. Thus, the 30 minute Easy Vegan Sugar Cookie came to life. (more…)

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Sincerely Katerina

Sincerely Katerina