23 Things I’ve Learned About Myself

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Hi guys! Since today is my 23rd birthday (so crazy, I feel like I just turned 18 yesterday), I thought i’d jot down some things i’ve learned about myself over the years. While a lot of these things are old news since I haven’t really changed that much haha, some of these things are recent discoveries. Let’s see what’s up in my brain:

  1. Keep your friends close & tell them how important they are to you! I truly don’t know what I would do without my friends, they are everything to me! I’ve definitely learned to let people know how important they are to you and how much you value them. It’s always nice to hear those things.
  2. I love being outside. Whether it’s eating outside, hanging out with friends, etc, i’m always happy to soak in the fresh air.
  3. Don’t take everything so seriously! Over the years i’ve truly learned to value that I don’t take things super seriously. I feel like that’s why I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of “stress” in most situations.
  4. Wear what you want! Who cares if other people think you look dumb. If you like it, just go for it.
  5. I love yoga & stretching. I never thought i’d love yoga because I have a hard time slowing down but i’ve really fallen in love with Vinyasa Yoga lately. It also REALLY helps the Sciatic pain in my low back! I would deff recommend trying out yoga if you have back problems.
  6. Empower others. Let other people know how great they are! It can never hurt, and they’ll most likely pass it on to another. #PayItForward
  7. You don’t have to do things you don’t want to. I don’t know why I always used to have a hard time saying no to things I didn’t want to do? Don’t feel bad, it’s your life!
  8. Warm weather is my jam. While I don’t loathe winter, I don’t like it. Warm weather feels so right.
  9. Eat healthy = feel good. I truly feel the best when I eat well. Junk food is bomb & all but smoothies & vegetables leave me feeling #heavenly.
  10. Celebrate life everyday! Life is too short not to make every Monday feel like a Friday. #happy
  11. Workout because you like to not because you have to! This one speaks for itself. I constantly try to remind myself how privileged I am to be able to exercise instead of thinking about how much I don’t want to do it.
  12. Take advantage of opportunities. Even if they seem awkward or aren’t “perfect”, there’s nothing to lose by trying things out. I deff have to remind myself of this one consistently.
  13. Give back when you can. I love helping out where I can, it feels good to use what I was given to benefit other people.
  14. I’m addicted to selling things & bargain hunting. Anyone else use Poshmark to get rid of your old clothes and get new cute ones? I love it!
  15. Going out to dinner is one of my favorite things ever. I’ve really realized i’m obsessed with food. It’s embarrassing but i’m definitely the type of person that plans an entire trip itinerary around places I want to eat.
  16. I love hip-hop/r&b? In my younger years I grew up loving pop punk, alternative, and a lot of hardcore music. While I still get down to those genes, I recently can’t get enough of all things hip hop. It just feels so riiiiight. If you know any good artists, send them my way.
  17. Chill out. As a person who always feels like they need to be doing something, i’ve definitely learned that relaxation is just as important as working.
  18. It’s your life, do what you want! This one speaks for itself. Live the way you want, not by others rules.
  19. The sky is the limit. In the past few years i’ve definitely learned to dream a little and realized that things are possible with hard work.
  20. Don’t stress over food. While this may contradict the one above ^ I’ve deff learned not to stress over eating junk sometimes. Who cares if you’ve eaten chips 3 nights in a row with friends? You’ll make up for it & get back to the grind soon enough.
  21. Love yourself. This is something that i’m so glad i’ve fallen into and should be taught from birth.
  22. I buy a LOT of clothes. I know it’s not a good habit, but if you love something, just let it happen. Am I right?
  23. Be yourself, unapologetically. The most important of them all.

Thank you all so much for taking a little time to get to know me and looking back at some important (and not so important) things i’ve learned. Let me know if any of these resonate with you! Love you guys.

Sincerely, Katerina.

Sincerely Katerina

Sincerely Katerina