8 No-Makeup Beauty Hacks


Hey guys! Today i’m bringing you 8 of my favorite no makeup beauty hacks for summer.

While I completely ADMIRE people who can do their makeup well, i’ve just never been good at it. I don’t know if it’s because i’m lazy or because i’m always touching my face, i’ve just never grew into the habit of putting a lot on. Truthfully, I have always been that person that begs one of my friends to do my makeup when we go out hahah. Because I lack the makeup skilllzzz that other people have, over the years i’ve found different ways to brighten up my skin, nails, & face.

These hacks are perfect for hot days when you don’t want makeup sweating down your face, or for casual/lazy days that you can’t be bothered to do anything at all (me all the time lol). Let me just say, #1 and #6 are total game changers.

1.Heat your eyelash curler

This sounds weird, I know, but it WORKS SO WELL. Think about all of the hot tools you use on your hair: straightener, curler, etc, they’re all heated before you use them! This works in the same way. Just take your eyelash curler, and hold the top part (the part you put on your lashes) under a heated blow dryer for about 10 -20 seconds.

Once the time is up, remove it from the heat, and let it cool for a few seconds (give it a little time, you don’t want to burn your eyelid). Once it’s at a good temperature, simply curl your lashes like you regularly would. This trick makes your lashes stay super curled & long, while looking gorgeous ALL day without having to use any mascara.

*Keep in mind this does wear off in water as your hair would in the shower. So if you’re planning on swimming & want to keep your lashes in tact, feel free to add a little mascara to keep them curled. 

2. Waterproof mascara as a brow shaper / brow gel

This is a godsend. Maybe i’m late to the game because i’m SURE some of you do this already, but using waterproof mascara as brown gel works like a charm. I use this Maybelline Clear Mascara because it’s cheap, but i’m sure theres other great ones out there.

While I totally love to fill in my brows to make them a little fuller, this trick is great for day to day errands or going to the gym when you don’t feel like doing your makeup but don’t want your brows to look crazy. I put a thin coat on each brow with the applicator, then shape them correctly with a brow brush. Since the ends of my brows tend to look a little wild, this really helps to keep them in place.

3. Castor oil to grow brows

You ever pluck too much or get a bad wax? We’ve all been there. While there’s no trick to growing your hair over night, castor oil really helps to speed up the process. Before bed, simply squeeze some oil on to a q tip, then run it across each brow so that it really sets in to the skin. Simply rinse off in the morning, and repeat each night!

4. Solar oil to grow nails

From the person who always had really thin, breakable nails, I can vouch that this stuff actually works. Ever since I started rubbing a little bit of solar oil into my nails and cuticles before bed every night, i’ve noticed an incredible difference. With daily application, my nails grow so much longer & stronger than they ever have.

5. Tinted moisturizer

While I know i’m definitely not the first person to think of this one, I constantly use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Since I always use moisturizer anyway, adding some tint really helps to give you glow-y looking skin and even out your complexion.

6. Foam rollers for hair

When you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to do your hair, foam rollers are amazing. Since I never feel like blow drying my hair because it takes forever (and is just too much effort lol), these work amazingly. I love long foam curling rods because they allow you to wrap your hair up easily, and let it sit on top of your head out of your face until your hair is dry. Try leaving two or three in over night to create beachy waves.

7. Tinted lip balm

Yes, this is another common sense trick but I thought it was worth mentioning. Even though regular lip stick is my jam, a lot of times I opt for tinted lip balm, blotted lip balm, or a light gloss. That way, your lips have some color without the heavy feel of lipstick.

8. Face masks for glow-y skin

I’ve recently fallen in love with face masks and I can’t stop. There’s just something about painting on a face mask and watching my favorite TV show that has me feeling really relaxed. Plus, my skin feels light years better after I use one. While i’m sure you can get them everywhere, i’ve found many different high quality, affordable masks from Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Some of my favorites include Art Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask, TonyMoly’s I’m Real Masks, and FreeMan Feeling Beautiful masks from Walmart.

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