Satin Dreams Trend


While satin used to be strictly for PJ’s, today it’s everywhere! I snagged this crop top from Boohoo recently and I couldn’t be more obsessed. The pink drew me in, and the satin made it even better. I really love that this top can be dressed up or dress down. I liked pairing it with heels and a skirt, but I also think it would look awesome with jeans & adidas. Multi-functional pieces are my favorite.

The internet has so many cute pieces for summer you guys. I’ve bought SO much, someone stop me. Does anyone else have the problem where packages show up to your door step every.. single.. day..? #guilty


Two other things i’ve been loving are these simple statement earrings + Colourpop’s Lumiere Lippie Stix. I tend to have sensitive ears so heavy earrings always feel really uncomfortable on. I love that these earrings are super small & light, but also really fun.

Next, I’ve worn this lip color every day for two weeks straight!! I’m obsessed. Traditionally, I love to go for dark colors that are pretty dramatic and really pop, so this soft pink was a gamble. I love how it’s color is close to my natural lip color but a little brighter. Though I love dark colors, I always feel like I have to keep checking on them every hour to see if they need to be fixed or re-applied. This Lippie however, is my GO-TO for every day styling. Just put it on, feel fab, and go about your day. (insert salsa girl emoji here). You neeed this in your life!

Skirt: here (such a great deal)

Heels: here (LOVE these, so comfortable!)

Purse: here (my favorite Chloe look-alike)

Crop Top: here (I sized up once & it fits great)

Earrings: here

Sincerely Katerina

Sincerely Katerina