Simple Athleisure Outfit for Fall


Whether you like it or not, Athleisure is everywhere these days. As a blend of put-together, business, and casual, athleisure is something that people are drawn to. While materials like spandex and lycra didn’t used to be seen as anything other than activewear, now more than ever every type of brand is churning out clothing in these fabrics. This adidas dress above is the perfect example. While Adidas was once a brand entirely meant for activewear, today they incredibly popular for producing streetwear and casual wear.

Honestly, no matter where you look, every brand is trying to jump on the athleisure train in one way or another. With athletic sales up 12% in the past year, athleisure looks like it’s here to stay (and I love it).


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Since i’ve always been an athletic person, I love the idea of getting to wear active wear outside of the gym. For this look, I am head to toe Adidas. While I used to be more of a Nike girl, Adidas has recently come out with some insanely cool prints, shapes, and fabrics, like this windbreaker. I actually received this jacket as a gift from my boyfriend but I definitely would have bought it myself hahah.

I wanted a wind breaker for awhile, but all of the ones I came across were too short. Since I typically like to wear longer tops, I always try to find jackets that come a little below the butt so that they look good with everything (long t’s, dresses, etc). This one is truly the perfect length and I totally love the floral print.

Since it’s such a bold print, I decided to pair it with my plain back Adidas t-shirt dress. This dress is super comfortable and I love that it’s just like a giant t shirt. Lastly, I have on my Adidas Gazelles. After stalking these shoes online for almost a year, I finally caved in and got a pair. Though I went for the light grey, they come in a TON of cool colors like baby pink, light blue, mint, and light yellow. I couldn’t recommend these enough, I think they look good with everything!

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T-Shirt Dresshere || Wind Breaker: here || Sneakers: here || Jewelry: here || Backpack: here (old but similar)

Sincerely Katerina

Sincerely Katerina